A sweet preschool science lesson

Ms. Clarke’s preschool class has been diving into a deliciously educational experience. Marrying science with hands-on fun, they explored the water cycle and the phases of matter in a way that’s both engaging and understandable for our youngest learners.


“It’s funny how this new curriculum [Creative Curriculum] adopted for preschool last year keeps suggesting these very fun and creative ways to teach science concepts,” Mary Margaret Clarke shared with a smile. By making and shaking ice cream in a bag, the students not only learned about the water cycle but also delved into the transformation of liquids to solids—a challenging concept served up in an appetizing lesson.


Earlier in the semester, the class squeezed into the science of making lemonade. “I like how it is causing them to follow recipes, measure things—but above all—to explore the world around them,” Ms. Clarke added. The well-organized lesson had the preschoolers visiting stations to gather their ingredients before engaging in a lively ten-minute shaking party. The grand finale? Enjoying the ice cream they made themselves, a sweet reward for their hard work and learning.


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