Riverdale: Where Trees and Art Unite

Riverdale K-8 School, a Level One National Arboretum, encourages the community to pause and appreciate the remarkable trees that define its landscape. This distinction reflects a commitment to environmental stewardship and fostering a deep connection between the community and nature.

Germantown's vibrant community is urged to recognize the vital role trees play in sustaining the environment. The celebration of these glorious trees goes beyond aesthetics, emphasizing their significance in providing oxygen and enhancing the community's well-being. Riverdale's art program complements this ethos, harnessing the universal language of art to inspire change and empower students to make a meaningful impact.

Expressing gratitude to the environment, Riverdale's art program has crafted an environmentally safe installation. This creative endeavor merges artistic expression with sustainability, showcasing the city's dedication to fostering a harmonious relationship between art and nature. Riverdale's installation serves as a symbol of Germantown's commitment to the delicate balance between human creativity and environmental responsibility.

Through the celebration of trees and the promotion of art as a universal language, Riverdale sets an inspiring example of environmental stewardship and community engagement, encouraging others to embrace and celebrate their roots.