Camp Read and Add S'more: A Night of Math, Reading, and Fun at Riverdale

Riverdale's annual Camp Read and Add S'more event, which took place this past Friday evening, is a delightful fusion of math, reading, and community spirit. This cherished tradition encourages students to explore the world of learning in a fun and interactive way. With engaging activities and the support of our amazing teachers and Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), it's an event students, teachers, and parents eagerly anticipate.

The event combines reading and math through various engaging activities:

  1. Reading Stations: Students immerse themselves in captivating stories and engage in related activities that enhance comprehension and real-world connections.

  2. Math Games: Interactive math games challenge students' problem-solving skills, making learning math an enjoyable experience.

  3. Reading Stuffed Animal Buddy Adoption: Students adopt stuffed animal buddies as reading companions, fostering empathy and a love for shared reading.

  4. Free Reading Time in Tents: Cozy tents filled with a variety of books offer students independent reading time.

  5. Storytime and S'mores: The evening concludes with heartwarming storytime sessions around a campfire, followed by delicious s'mores.

Riverdale's PTO contributes significantly to the event's success by assisting with decorations, logistics, and s'mores preparation. Their support adds an extra layer of warmth and excitement to the evening.

Camp Read and Add S'more exemplifies the power of creative and community-oriented education. It nurtures academic skills and a love for learning in a fun and engaging manner. With the support of our awesome teachers and PTO, this event continues to foster a sense of togetherness and support within the community, nurturing the next generation of enthusiastic readers and problem solvers.