Riverdale Heroes: Two 3rd Grade Students Save a Classmates’ Life

October 2023 - Riverdale spent some time just before fall break recognizing two third grade students turned real life heroes. Beckham Clark and Weston Sloan were at lunch with their friend when he began to choke on an apple slice. The student who was choking quickly reacted, signaling to his friends that he was in trouble and unable to speak. Beckham and Weston jumped into action with Weston yelling and running to get help over to their table, and Beckham began doing the Heimlich maneuver. He was able to dislodge the apple, and his friend was able to breathe again. 

All three of these students were celebrated at Riverdale in a ceremony on Friday, October 6. Their parents, fellow students, and Riverdale faculty and staff, including their nursing staff, came to recognize their heroic actions. This also opened up a safety discussion for fellow students about how quick reactions saved a life, and running to someone’s aid, even when it’s scary, can make all the difference. The student who was choking was celebrated for knowing how to signal to his friends that he needed help. 

When someone is choking, placing their hands around their neck is the signal to show that they are unable to cough or speak, and they are choking. If someone is coughing, encourage them to continue coughing to dislodge what is in their throat. The choking student’s quick signals to his friends made all of the difference. They quickly sprung into action, knowing just what to do. Beckham was successful in saving his friend by dislodging what was stuck in his throat, and he said he learned the Heimlich maneuver, “from tv.” 

Both of our Riverdale heroes said that although it was scary, they knew they had to help their friend, and they are just glad that he is okay. GMSD is so incredibly proud of these students and their heroic actions!