7th & 8th Grade REAL Raider Teams

This year, Riverdale Middle School has implemented a team program to help students build relationships with classmates in a fun way and work on their REAL Raider characteristics: Responsible, Engaged, Accountable, and Leader. The 7th and 8th graders were split into different color teams and each team has two teacher leads. 

During this month’s team meeting, the 7th graders got to visit and read to our Kindergarten students. This activity encouraged the engagement and leadership aspects of our Keep it REAL program. The Kindergarten students loved interacting with the big kids of the school, and our 7th graders enjoyed sharing their passion for reading with the younger students. 

Our 8th grade students had a chance to show engagement and leadership through a game of four corners. This activity encouraged the students to cheer their teammates on as they raced to choose the right corner to win a prize. Their teacher leads even got a chance to join in on the action! This was a fun team building activity that the students enjoyed. The winning team earned lunch outside with assistant principal, Mrs. Ward