Vote on GMSD’s May Athlete of the Month for High School and Middle School

GMSD is excited to announce the May nominations for Athlete of the Month, presented by Alisha Dumas with State Farm. These nominations are based on athletic work ethic, attitude, and sportsmanship, but these student athletes are just that - students first, athletes second. They must have good academic standing, maintain a good attendance record, and have a positive outlook towards their education and their community. Receiving a nomination is an honor in itself!

Each month the community will get to vote on which athlete they would like to see become the GMSD Athlete of the Month. There is a High School category and a Middle School category. Voting for these categories will be kept separate, so each month there will be an Athlete of the Month from the High School and the Middle School. The winners will be announced towards the end of each month. 

Here are the May High School nominees: 

Hays Adams - Junior, Soccer 

Like many of his teammates, Hays has been playing soccer since he was 3 years old, and he plays at Houston and competitively for the Germantown Legends 2005 NL. Last year he made the United Coaches Association All Region Team, and he was the only sophomore to receive this honor. He was All State last year as well. His teammates voted him MVP last year as he led the team in both goals and assists. Hays hopes to pursue soccer on a D1 college level, and he continues to work hard towards that goal. 

Ryan Bland - Senior, Baseball 

Ryan began playing baseball at age 4, and he is now set to play at Northeast Mississippi in the fall. He has a strong dedication to baseball and his teammates. He started out this season recovering from surgery, but he was still at every game to cheer on his team. He is known as a team leader, and his is close with his teammates both on and off the field. His teammates have been supportive of him on his journey to get back to playing, and he showed an incredible work ethic to get back to his team and the sport he loves.

Drew McKeithen - Junior, Soccer 

Drew began playing soccer at age 3, and some of his now Houston Mustang teammates were his teammates back then as well. He also plays competitively for the 06 Lobos Premiere team, also with some of his Houston teammates. Because they have all played together so much, there is a family aspect to this team that is unique. Drew's best friends are his teammates, and he has confidence in his team no matter what. Drew also plays golf for Houston, but he hopes to continue his soccer career in college. 

Obala Onyeagocha - Junior, Tennis

Obaladike began playing tennis when he was about 8 years old. He has played competitively at both the state and regional levels and was ranked No. 2 in the State of TN. Currently he is the No. 1 seed for the HHS tennis team and Captain. He is currently playing to qualify for the state tournament. Obaladike is passionate about tennis and the fact that he can play tennis as part of a team and individually. He is able to balance being a student athlete very well and is consistently working on both tennis and his advanced academic curriculum. Last summer he had the honor of playing at the Taylor Dent Tennis Academy. He is currently headed to regionals. Obaladike is a leader on and off the court and is dedicated to improving his skills by constant practice and training before matches and is always supportive of his team. Obaladike has been in the GMSD school district since kindergarten and Houston is home for him. He enjoys the relationships he has built over the years and loves being part of the GMSD family.

Hudson Wages - Senior, Baseball 

Hudson began playing baseball around the age of 5 years old, and he has been with his Houston teammates for years. When he was 8 years old playing competitive baseball, he met some of his now teammates, and he shares that he has made life long friendships in the last several years. He has loved getting to be a part of the Houston team, and his favorite memory was going to the state tournament last year! He plans to attend Ole Miss in the fall, and he is looking foward to supporting baseball from the stands for the first time in long while! 

Elisa Wiadacz - Junior, Tennis 

Elisa started playing tennis at age 9, and her coach early on encouraged her to continue pursuing the sport. In her very first match, she was playing against experienced tennis athletes, but she won. That was the start of it all! She is now a driven and dedicated athlete for the Houston tennis team, and she and one of her teammates also coach young kids in the offseason. Elisa enjoys this sport, and she has made great memories and great friends playing. 

Here are the May Middle School nominees: 

Jeffrey Gardner - Houston Middle School, 8th Grade, Baseball 

Jeffrey started with t-ball at age 4, and he has loved baseball since. He is known for being a leader both on and off the field, and he has made some of his closest friends through baseball. He is passionate and dedicated to the game and his teammates, and he hopes to continue his baseball career at Houston High School.

Seth Gatlin - Houston Middle School, 8th Grade, Soccer

Seth has been playing soccer since age 5 and competitively since he was 9. He is a member of the Germantown Legends 08 Black team and played in the USYS National League championship last year. He is also a guest player in tournaments for a USL academy team. He loves being a part of the HMS soccer team and some of his best middle school memories were made with his teammates. This year, he was the captain for the HMS soccer team. He loves the game of soccer, as well as being part of a team and is always striving to improve. Seth is looking forward to playing in high school and has hopes to play in college.

Cohen Talley - Riverdale, 8th Grade, Soccer

Cohen started playing soccer at age 5, and he started competitively at age 8. He now plays for the Riverdale Raiders, and his competitive team is the Germantown Legends. Cohen is the captain for both of these teams, and he is a leader both on and off the field. He is a member of the Germantown Movers Leadership Council and the Tennessee State Soccer Team. Cohen has a love of the game, and he enjoys being a part of a team. He recently returned from training in Madrid over Spring Break.

Congratulations to all of the nominees! Click here to cast your vote for May Athlete of the Month. Voting close May 18, at 12:00pm!